Most of the properties we sell are covered by the same property covenants. The covenants have been designed to be minimally restrictive and to help protect and preserve the value of your property as well as the neighboring properties.

Please be aware that although it is possible to find small parcels of land with no covenants they have traditionally been poor investments as all it takes is one disrepectful property owner to make an entire rural area an undesirable place to own a property.

Whether your dream property comes from us or from another source PLEASE make sure your rural area has some form of property covenants in place. Otherwise when it comes time to build your dream cabin in the peaceful woods you may find that your neighbor has chosen to start a junkyard six inches from your property line...
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A. No single-wide mobile homes are permitted on any part the property. Double-wide mobile homes and modular homes are permitted so long as they are no more than 10 years old when moved onto the property AND are permanently attached to an adequate concrete foundation once on the property. Non-permanent living quarters such as travel trailers, campers, tents, etc. may be used as vacation housing only and are not permitted as permanent living quarters (defined as being occupied for more than fifteen days in any given month). Camping for more than 30 days in a 12 month period is not permitted.

Why this is good for you and your property value:
  There is nothing wrong with living in a mobile home, camper trailer, or anything else BUT it is virtually guaranteed to erode the value of all properties in the area. We don't want a neighbor's shanty or tent village to hurt your property's value.

B. The property or any part thereof, shall only be used for private, single family residential purposes. No commercial or business activities are allowed which require signage larger than 2 square feet in area (one foot by two foot). No commercial manufacturing and no noxious trade or activity is permitted.

Why this is good for you and your property value:
  The world needs apartment complexes, and manuafacturing companies BUT you don't want to live next to one. After all, you chose the beautiful Ozarks in part because of the peace and quiet.

D. No building or construction other than fences, and no flags, banners, signs, storage, structures or parking of any kind shall take place or be placed within 100 feet of the centerline of any shared roadway (public road or easement road) or 30 feet from any property boundary. These building setback areas are also utility easements for utilities to run over, under or across to serve the property or nearby properties. Fences are not allowed within any road easement which is defined as the area within 50 feet of the centerline of a shared roadway. No signs shall be placed on any part of the building setback areas except for signs not larger than two feet by two feet containing the name and address of the occupant of the parcel. This restriction shall not apply to the usual “For Sale” signs when a parcel of property is being offered for sale.

Why this is good for you and your property value:
  Roadways and utility easements must be left open to allow proper road maintenance and access to utilities and your property. Building setbacks on the parcels we sell ensure that if your neighbor bought his proeprty from us he won't build HIS dream cabin two feet from where you would like to build YOUR dream cabin.

E. If construction of a dwelling or an outbuilding is started on the property, the construction shall be carried through to completion within one year from the beginning of construction. This applies only to the exterior of the dwelling or outbuilding. Construction of dwellings and outbuildings must be of new materials on the exterior (with the exception of full log homes/buildings). Dwellings must be permanently attached to an adequate concrete foundation (poured concrete, mortared concrete block, post and concrete pier, etc.).

Why this is good for you and your property value:
  There are few things as unsightly as a neighbor's half finished house deteriorating in the summer sun. Housewrap shredded and blowing in the breeze, shingles flying off left and right because the roof was never completed. Not fun to live next to and not good for your property's value.

F. Livestock and pets permitted so long as they are not for commercial purposes and they are not allowed to create a nuisance to neighboring land owners. Kennels greater than 5 dogs and feedlots are not permitted.

Why this is good for you and your property value:
  This one seems pretty obvious...

H. Parcels may be subdivided providing that each and every parcel created from the division is at least 5 acres in size.

Why this is good for you and your property value:
  If you want to split off part of your property and sell it to your son, daughter, best friend, worst enemy (not recommended) or anyone else that is fine. What is NOT permitted is splitting off a hundred quarter acre parcels and going into the land developement business. That could otherwise be detrimental to the value of neighboring properties, like yours!

I. Waste materials must be kept in closed containers at all times. No refuse, debris, unused building materials, scrap of any kind nor derelict vehicles, in whole or part shall be kept, stored or allowed to collect on the premises unless completely enclosed in a building or garage. Derelict vehicles are defined as those which do not run, are not licensed or both.

Why this is good for you and your property value:
  Throughout history certain people, through no fault of their own, seem to have a tendency to "collect" trash, junk or broken-down vehicles on their homestead. It doesn't generally bother them, but it almost ALWAYS bothers their poor neighbors who are forced to look at the mess. It hurts their property value and neighboring properties, like yours!

J. All wastewater treatment facilities must be constructed so as to ensure that effluent shall be contained on the original parcel of origin.

Why this is good for you and your property value:
  You and your neighbor are permitted to install your own wastewater treatment facility (septic, outhouse, etc.). What is NOT permitted is to let untreated wasterwater flow onto another property. Think of the damage that would do to your prize winning tulips...

K. These assurances/restrictions may be modified on a case by case basis, under extenuating circumstances and only by decision of Regions Land Company, LLC or its assigns.

  We understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances make a restriction impractical. For instance, if the very best building site on your property happened to be 90 feet from a shared roadway (when buildings are required to be 100 feet from a shared roadway) there's a good chance a variance could be granted.